About the Regiment

The Perth Volunteer and Artillery Regiment began as an outgrowth of the Perth Muzzle Loading Club (PMLC). The PMLC first started doing shows in 1985, when the club was approached by a Mr Lyndon Lewis to perform as confederate soldiers in a show called "Gone with the Wind". It was a huge success and gave the then members the idea to do future shows and maybe form a body of men in period uniform. For the first two years shows were a bit scarce but in 1987, however just prior to the Australian Bicentennial Celebrations, the PMLC was approached to help in the celebrations. One of  the club members wore a red jacket and was asked to lead the parade. The members realised there was a distinct lack of pomp and ceremony in Perth. It was decided then to reform the Perth Volunteer Rifles of 1862 with an Artillery Detachment and so evolved the Perth Volunteer Rifle and Artillery Regiment 1860 of today.

We still carry on the same traditions of the Volunteers of yesteryear in that we still elect our officers and NCO's and as before if they wish to advance the officers can purchase their next rank. Like the original unit,  the members of today purchase their own equipment including firearms which can at times be anything up to $2500 total cost and sometimes even more. Some of the firearms alone can cost $1500 each. The Regiment was originally raised to represent at typical unit in the 1860's and this is our sentimental home. However with the celebrations for the 100th anniversery of Federation the unit has been producing uniforms depicting the history of Volunteer units in WA from 1860-1901.  The firearms used are of the same types  used by the British army in the 19th Century. Such firearms include the Pattern 1853 rifled muskett used in the Crimea and the Indian mutiny, the Enfield-Snider (a early breech conversion of the P53) and the Martini-Henry of Zulu fame.

The Regiment has performed since its conception over 300 performances including several before vice regal personages (Sir Francis Burt, Major General PM Jeffery and Lt Gen J Sanderson), the army and other government bodies. The Regiment also has other detachements which it uses fields on special occasions. These include Royal Marines 1805 which were involved  in the launch, departure and return of HM Bark Endeavour and a detachement of 42nd Highlanders(Black Watch)

We have established relations with the current evolution of the original "Perth Volunteer Rifles", the 11/28 Battalion Royal Western Australian Regiment and with the current Artillery Unit, 7th Field Battery. We also enjoy a long established connection with the Perth based 5MD Band. It is hoped that these associations will foster and grow and that some of the pageantry of the early days of the colony of Western Australia will be brought to the notice of the general public and further the awareness in the history and contribution that these men, both past and present, original units and present, have made and will make to Australia.