The Adjunant's Office

Gnr Sgt Paul Schipp

For Hire

The Perth Volunteer Rifles and Artillery Regiment is available for hire. We charge an appearance fee based on the number of members required, the distance to the venue (ie travel outside the Perth metro area) and the type of performance envisaged. The fees are unfortunately necessary to recover travel costs, the cost of consumables (ie black powder/percussion caps etc) and maintainance of regimental equipment. To discuss your show and the costs involved contact Gunner Sgt Paul Schipp or Colour Sgt Bob Wise..

Gnr Sgt Paul Schipp

Phone: 92752308

Colour Sgt Bob Wise

Phone: 92471206

Upcoming Events




Australia Day Flag Raising  & Citizenship Ceremony.

 26th January 2007. Perry Lakes. Floreat

The Moondyne Festival

6th May 2007. Toodyay Town Site

Decendents Day  (Convict and Pensioner Guard Heritage Day)

Old Fremantle Gaol Museam Mon 4th June 2007