The Armoury

The civilians that formed the backbone of the volunteer units in WA during the second half of the 19th century were generally equipped along the lines of regular British troops.  However the equipment they used tended to be that had just become obsolete or was surplus to requirements by regular forces. Much of the equipment used was privately purchased or supplied by one of the units more wealthier patrons as the local colonial government rarely had funds to equip them. Many of these patrons ended up forming the officer corp of these units. This can bee seen in the case of "The Pinjarrah Mounted Volunteers (1862-1882)" were the units founder, one Theodore Fawcett, equiped his troops with their horses, tack, uniforms, kit and firearms. He also commanded the unit (as captain) from its founding to its disbanding.


Brown Bess

Pattern 39/42 Musket

Pattern 53 Enfield Musket



Lee-Metford/Lee-Enfield Series

Field Guns