The Regimental Colour

The Regiment has a Unit Colour on which is displayed all the significant events in which the Regiment has participated. This Colour was made and donated by Mr & Mrs Reid (Adjunant) and is sumounted by a double headed eagle presented to the Regiment by Mr and Mrs Laden (Officer Commanding).

The real Perth Volunteer Rifles aquired their first colour not long after their formation in 1862. However there is no known description of this colour is available.   A further colour was acquired in 1872 which is described as being a white square, overlaid with the a cross of St George, with a central unit badge being a silver star with a black swan, the colour edged with gold fringing. The where abouts of these original colours is unfortunately unknown at this time.

The original Regiment having been raised in the 1860's during the reign of Queen Victoria, served under the Union Jack. The Volunteer units would have also used the new WA colony flag when it was introduced in the 19th century.