The BBC Documentry "THE SHIP"

During the HM Bark Endevour's visit to Perth in 2001 the Royal Marine file of the PVRAR1860 was asked by the producers of a BBC documentry called "THE SHIP" to provide a detachment of men to play the role of 18C Royal Marines on James Cook's Endevour during its voyages of discovery around Australia. The producers provided the uniforms and our lads provided the Brown Bess', belts and bayonets. Below are a few pictures taken during the filming on board the Endevour and in the bush on the outskirts of Perth. The guys said it was hard work for a few seconds of air time. This was literally the case. When the show finally went to air we found we wee only on air for about 10seconds. as usual we got chopped to bits on the cutting room floor.